What is the FQSCA'S role regarding the events ?

The FQSCA offers expertise to help the race's organizer and has for mission to :

  • Improve the organization of the races, with the experience acquired with years and comments from participants and organizers, compiled and archived.
  • Promote good practices in harness dog sport
  • Form race's officals
  • Provide material
  • Assist with timing system
  • Assure a security level at any event
  • Standerdize the race's organisation and flow
  • Create an accredited provincial circuit, with high quality standard and a scoring system


** NEW ** 

The FQSCA is proud to announce that now has a timing system SEIKO S149, as seen before at the SATC club. It's available for your event and race. 

" Organise a first race isn't easy. The federation was there for us as a reference whenever we needed it. They standardize the practice and the events all over the province. It's easier, accessible and pleasant to organize with them. Thanks for all your support."

Maude Earl Ouimet, organizer of the Canicourse Marathon Desjardins de la Vallée de la Rouge - Club des 6 pattes